Does Raygun work on iOS 9.0?

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You bet it does!

So as you all must know, iOS 9.0 was released a little while ago and we’re pleased to let you know that all your apps containing Raygun will continue to work as expected.

For those that don’t know – Raygun provides an exception reporting solution which can be set up in a couple of minutes by integrating a Raygun provider into your app. The provider can detect and report exceptions to the Raygun exception tracking service where they are grouped together, send out notifications to the devs, and display lots of useful information to help track down and solve the problem. Raygun supports a multitude of languages and frameworks including native iOS (Obj-C and Swift) and managed Xamarin.iOS apps.

App Transport Security support

If you played around with the iOS 9.0 beta and your app has Raygun4iOS integrated, then you may have noticed errors occurring in your app when attempting to send an exception report. This would have been due to the new ATS feature of iOS 9.0 that encourages you to only use secure connections when talking to the web – only connect to servers that support TLSv1.2 and a few other requirements. The Raygun service now supports all of these ATS requirements meaning Raygun will continue to work fine in your apps without needing to update the Raygun4iOS provider. This also means that if you had marked Raygun as an exception to ATS in your apps info.plist in some way, then you no longer need to do this.

dSYM support

If you use Raygun4iOS, then you probably know that we can symbolicate your exception reports to produce readable stacktraces if you upload your apps dSYMs. What you may not know is that every time a new iOS version is released (major or otherwise) we upload all the iOS symbols for you so that lines in the stacktrace that originate from iOS standard libraries will also show up in the symbolicated stacktraces. So with the release of iOS 9.0, we have of course uploaded all the iOS 9.0 symbols ready for all the native iOS exception reports you throw at Raygun.

Xamarin.iOS support

And we certainly didn’t forget to test our Xamarin.iOS provider on an iOS 9.0 device. There were some known issues with certain features of Xamarin.iOS not working on iOS 9.0. These were more directed towards apps, rather than components such as Raygun4Net, but we still wanted to make sure that everything was in working order. We tested a couple of apps with Raygun4Net integrated on a couple of iOS devices running iOS 9.0 and found that nothing needed to be fixed. Both classic and unified APIs are supported, and both managed and native exception reports are sent to Raygun.

Give it a try

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