Webinar: How to discover errors in production with Charles Max Wood and John-Daniel Trask

| 1 min. (166 words)

Errors in production can be elusive and tough to discover. But if you could find problems quickly, you can save hours digging through log files and protect your end users from experiencing problems.

There are many tools and processes to choose from, but you can cut through the noise by implementing a proven workflow. You’ll be able to discover errors in production quickly well before they affect end users.

Once you know what to look for, and when, you can start resolving errors faster and give your users a great software experience every time.

Join the host of DevChat.tv Charles Max Wood and CEO of Raygun John-Daniel Trask for a webinar that gives you:

  • A proven process for fast and accurate error resolution
  • The tool stack you need to ensure success
  • How to use error and real user monitoring for maximum impact

Watch the webinar below:

Do you have questions about how to find and fix errors in production, let us know in the comments below!