Feature release: New Dashboard beta version

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Note: this beta feature is available to all plans and users.

Raygun is happy to announce the beta release of our new Dashboard.

We have made significant improvements to how you can pick and choose the data you display in the Dashboard. Hone in on important data points so you can make important decisions about resource allocation, watch an important deployment or simply publicly display application health to your team.

The choice is yours:

You can now:

Customize your layout
In the new version, tiles will represent information which you can move as you please. They can be resized, dragged, dropped and added and removed to fit into various positions on the dashboard. The layout will automatically adjust to fit.

Visualize your data
There is no limit to how many tiles you can have displayed on the dashboard. If you have an important deployment that you’d like to visualize, get it up on the dashboard for the whole team to see. 

Optimized for TV screens
Enter full screen mode by clicking the TV icon and have your data polling in the background, allowing you to access the information all the time. As we know, what gets measured gets managed. Keep your team’s performance KPIs publicly available to create some healthy competition.

How do I try the new Dashboard beta version?

We didn’t want to disrupt your usual error management process when trying the Dashboard beta version. Therefore, we provide a way for you to play with the new Dashboard while still having access to the previous view.

Accessing the latest version only takes a few moments. You can view the full setup instructions in the documentation here.

1. Go to your current dashboard located in the top left corner of the Raygun application:

Display the data you need to see with the global dashboard beta version

2. A message will appear in the header. Click ‘Select’ to enter the dashboard:

3. If you are part of multiple plans, you will need to select which plan dashboard you would like to see:

4. Customizing the dashboard

A dashboard is irrelevant if it doesn’t display information you require, which is why having easy access to customizing your dashboard was a priority. We made it easy to both add a new tile and remove a tile with the ‘Edit Dashboard’ icon in the top right corner of the view:

Customize your dashboard by clicking the `Edit Dashboard` button

How to add a new tile:

  1. Click the ‘Add tile’ button in the ‘Edit’ toolbar:

2. Select the type of tile you would like to add in the ‘Select tile’ window:

3. Add some data sources and configure your tile:

  1. Click ‘Add tile’ to then see your tile on your Dashboard.

How to remove a tile: 

  1. Click on a tile’s Settings icon’ as indicated by the cog:

  2. In the settings modal, click the ‘Delete’ button:

  1. Confirm and click the ‘Yes, delete’ button:

Updating your whole dashboard:

Sometimes it’s easier to reset your dashboard and start from scratch than editing each tile, which is why we have two options to assist you with this. Clearing and resetting, which are located in the top left corner of the edit toolbar.

_Clear Dashboard_ will remove all tiles from the dashboard. This gives you a clean state to work with allowing you to more easily add only the tiles you require

Reset Dashboard will also remove all tiles from the dashboard, but also adds the default set of tiles to your application. Providing your team with a quick preset dashboard based on the current dashboards currently provided at Raygun.

Reverting and saving changes: 

Once you are happy with the updates you have made or would like to revert back to how it was before you started editing, you can click on either the ‘Save Changes‘ or the ‘Revert Changes‘ (as indicated by the cross icon) butttons in the top right corner of the edit toolbar.

5. Give feedback

We want to know of any suggestions or improvements you feel we can make or ideas for tiles you’d like. To give feedback click on the ‘Smile Icon’ in the top right corner and pop your ideas in the feedback form – we encourage your thoughts and read every one:

we'd love your feedback on our latest dashboards beta version

6. What’s next for the Dashboard 

We will be making more improvements to the Dashboard beta feature for our Version 1 release. We’ve got some great features lined up including:

  • Create multiple dashboards
  • Dark theme for TV screens
  • More tile options
  • Filtering ability

Ready to display data like never before?

Do you have any questions about the Dashboard beta improvements? Get in touch with a friendly team member here. 

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