The anatomy of robust unit testing (with examples in C#)

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unit testing examples

I think of unit tests as an extension to my code.  A thorough testing process offers peace of mind that when refactoring the code or making performance improvements, the units still function as expected. It can also find bugs and edge cases and avoid regressions during refactoring. I come from a .NET / C# background and have compiled this collection of … Read More

Raygun’s offline crash report queuing feature

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offline crash report queuing

With the meteoric rise of mobile applications, the need to support users operating in various states of network connectivity is vital. Being able to capture crash data even while a device isn’t connected to the Internet enables your team to keep an eye on those events that might otherwise go undetected without a user submitted report. To help make the … Read More

Rails Camp West 2016: a full review

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rails camp west 2016

Over the last weekend in August over 50 members of the web development community gathered at Camp Perkins outside of Stanley, Idaho for Rails Camp West 2016. This unconventional Rails event brings a diverse group of people from across design and web development from many languages, not just Rails, on a three day retreat in the mountains. The main focus is on community building, unconference-like talks, and getting … Read More

Tips on debugging client-side JavaScript

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debugging client-side JavaScript

Debugging client-side JavaScript can be a frustrating experience. The environment in which your code is running means a large number of things could go wrong. Race conditions, browser feature compatibility, dependency issues and resources failing to download – can seem outside of your control. These issues can be handled by reducing the number of points of failure and simplifying how … Read More

How to handle errors in minified JavaScript (for Rails applications)

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Minified Javascript for Rails applications

Handling errors in the minified JavaScript portion of your Rails application can be frustrating. The exception and stack trace information that comes from the system is based on what may seems like an incomprehensible mess which doesn’t look like your original source code at all. This article is a step-by-step guide to tracking your minified JavaScript asset errors inside a Rails application. We’ll … Read More

How Raygun’s security measures keep your customer’s data safe

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Raygun's security measures

At Raygun, we are serious about your privacy and sensitive information. Our software gives you the unique ability to drill down into individual user sessions so you can provide exceptional customer service. However, you may not want this potentially sensitive customer information from being collected by Raygun (especially if you work in the healthcare or finance industry.) This article is a … Read More

Get user experience right first time with a UX checklist for developers

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UX checklist for developers

It used to be that developers and UX (user experience) designers lived in different worlds. However, many of us are beginning to realize that as the technology industry grows, developers are expected to wear more and more hats – including that of UX designer. In this article, we’ll discuss why having a UX checklist for developers could help to streamline … Read More

Label your exceptions and stay organized with Raygun’s tagging feature

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Tags have been a part of Raygun Crash Reporting for a some time now and are an important part of helping developers track and filter their exceptions.  Tags may seem simple at first glance but the power they give developers to stay organized and save time in tracking down the source of an exception makes them an integral part of maintaining applications. … Read More

How to debug Java using a decompiler

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how to debug java using a decompiler

Decompiling Java code may not be something you do in daily development but it can help turn the tide when debugging critical problems. This is a beginners overview of how Java decompiling works to debug Java. When I need to debug Java, how does a compiler work? When you build your project the compiler will take your Java source files (.java) … Read More

Feature update: Filter inbound crash reports by error message, tag and user agent

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feature release in bound filter

We recently released the ability for Raygun Crash Reporting to custom filter inbound crash reports based on data that matched a certain rule. Until recently,  you were able to filter by: IP address Machine name HTTP hostname Versions Today, I’m happy to introduce three new ways to filter inbound crash reports. Both new filtering options are based on your feedback from our feature request … Read More