Node.js performance showdown v7.2.1 – a framework comparison

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Earlier this year I followed up on a post comparing the performance of a variety of Node.js web frameworks. With the release of numerous updates to these frameworks as well as Node.js itself updating (currently v7.2.1), we thought it was time for another node.js performance showdown. This time I’m adding another environment to the node.js performance test. In addition to testing within Virtual box … Read More

Using Raygun Pulse Insights for progressive web optimization

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progressive web optimization with Raygun Pulse

Progressive web optimization is required when you have a constantly growing website to keep the user experience positive and ensure new visitors are stopping to look around. But what do I mean by progressive web optimization? Progressive web optimization is the idea that website optimization is not a single task, as no website is static. Content and features are being … Read More

Raygun Pulse introduces Slack and HipChat integrations

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Raygun Pulse Integration with Slack and Hipchat

Raygun Pulse wants to keep you regularly updated on the health of your website. This way, especially if you are managing a project of a team of people, you’ll be able to set important benchmarks for measuring improvements made to your website performance. With the latest Raygun Pulse integrations you’ll be able to opt to receive a daily performance notifications directly to … Read More

Provider update: Raygun and TypeScript 2.0

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Raygun can now provide a .d.ts TypeScript 2.0 definition for raygun4js. This new definition allows a finer level of control over your software errors, and brings scope to any new web applications you may be building. Whether you are a new or existing Raygun customer, you can now integrate both Raygun Crash Reporting and Raygun Pulse further into your application using … Read More

Use the Pulse Insights Rules feature to improve website performance

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Pulse Insights rules helps you find and fix performance issues

Pulse Insights is a powerful new addition to our Real User Monitoring software tool, Raygun Pulse.  It will periodically scan all your public web pages for performance and usability issues that your end users are experiencing with the Pulse Insights Rules feature. The best part is that all your pages are scanned automatically – no pasting in one URL and … Read More

New integration: Raygun and AWS Code Deploy for better insights into your deployments

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Raygun and AWS Code Deploy - get set up today

Raygun and AWS Code Deploy now work together to provide you with direct support for tracking your deployments. AWS Code Deploy is an automated deployment service and is ideal if you are deploying your applications into EC2. This latest integration gives detailed insight into the health of each deployment enabling you to monitor any new bugs introduced, regressions and issues still occurring. While … Read More

AWS Lambda environment variables and Raygun

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AWS Lambda

In our previous article on AWS Lambda and Raygun Crash Reporting, we covered sending exception data from an AWS Lambda function written in Node.js. Recently AWS added support for environment variables to be passed into Lambda functions. These environment variables allow you to set certain constants and then access them in your Lambda functions. This new feature helps our customers … Read More

A quick guide to building a lean, clean and fast responsive website

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Responsive design. Although relatively simple to set up, there are still a few pitfalls when it comes to creating a great end user experience and a fast responsive website. We’ve all heard about responsive design, and if you’re a designer or developer you would have had this faithful companion in your tool belt for many years now. For those not … Read More

RubyConf review: 2016 and what to expect next year

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ruby conf reveiw

RubyConf is an annual conference centered around the Ruby programming language. Organized by RubyCentral, RubyConf has become the largest gathering of Ruby programming language enthusiasts in North America. This year, RubyConf was held in Cincinnati, Ohio on November 10-12.  While programmers from all languages are invited and encouraged to attend, the sessions focused mostly on Ruby, Rails, and related technologies. … Read More

Product update: Get more context around performance issues with Pulse Insights

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Pulse Insights

With more end users becoming reliant on web applications for everything from holiday bookings to grocery shopping, knowing exactly how your web application is performing is becoming more crucial to your bottom line.   Statistic show if an end user has a problem with a page on your website, they will simply leave, perhaps never to return. In fact, 64% … Read More