jQuery is undefined: Common solutions every developer should know

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jQuery is undefined: common causes and how to fix them

When it comes to JavaScript and it’s libraries, one of the most annoying errors that pops up is . The reason this can be such an annoying problem is there are a multitude of potential causes. I’ve seen more than my fair share of errors and exceptions, so I’d like to help you learn more about the error. To get started I’ll go over some … Read More

Feature Release – Bulk export data with Raygun’s new export function

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export function now available for Raygun

Note: Crash Reporting bulk export is for Business and Enterprise plans only. All plan types currently support the ability to export individual error instance from Raygun. Your company may need to export the data that Raygun Crash Reporting collects for reporting and management purposes. This functionality is one of our highest requested features, and today I’m happy to announce that using Raygun’s new … Read More

Abstractions Conference 2016: Full review and what to expect from 2017

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abstractions conference

Last week I had the incredible opportunity to attend the first Abstractions conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Billed as a multi-disciplinary conference for designers, developers, DevOps, and community leaders, Abstractions.io certainly lived up to that description. 1,500 attendees attended three days of presentations, social events and demos by the best software minds in the industry. Here’s a full review of the speakers, sessions, … Read More

Learn Python using Gamedev

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learning python with gamedev

A few weeks ago I was asked if I’d be keen to go to Kiwi Pycon (a Python conference in Dunedin, New Zealand). I decided it would be an interesting experience even though my Python knowledge is a bit lacking. So as an after-work project my colleague Yosan and I decided to put together a small game to help us learn the language. … Read More

The best software engineering roles in New Zealand

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This is a ‘we’re hiring’ post, but I’m hoping to make it a little bit different by sharing the philosophy behind how we run our engineering team at Raygun. Engineering led Raygun, the company, was co-founded by Jeremy Boyd & I. We are both software engineers by trade, but business people too. We understand the value of great marketing, brand … Read More

Feature Update- Filter inbound crash reports by HTTP hostname

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feature release in bound filter

We recently released a new feature to allow you to filter out incoming crash reports based on data in that report matching a defined rule (e.g. 404 requests, bot traffic, reports which originated from a nominated machine). We have had really positive feedback to this feature. The capability covered a wide range of feature requests we have had for Crash … Read More

Integrating Raygun with Azure Service Bus Queues

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Azure service bus

Azure Service Bus offers a reliable and scalable message bus and by leveraging the queues provided with this service you can easily build integrations between your systems and/or third party systems and services. We have a large number of Raygun customers running on Azure so we’re pleased to announce support for Crash Reporting notifications to be raised to a Service Bus queue. This allows you to … Read More