Feature release: Pulse Real User Monitoring session inside Raygun Crash Reporting

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Many thanks to our customers for suggesting Raygun’s latest feature: a Pulse Real User Monitoring session inside Raygun Crash Reporting. Raygun Crash Reporting and Pulse Real User Monitoring are stand alone tools, however when used together they are powerful in providing greater context around an error. If you use Raygun Crash Reporting, you will know that it provides the deep … Read More

How to manage your email notifications inside Raygun Crash Reporting

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Manage email notifications with inside Raygun Crash Reporting

Raygun Crash Reporting wants to keep you regularly updated on the health of your software. This means that any time your software throws an error, Raygun Crash Reporting will automatically keep you in the loop by sending an email notification containing the diagnostic details you need to fix it. You may find however that you are receiving more notifications than … Read More

Velocity Conference Review (New York 2016)

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velocity conference 2016

Velocity is a technical conference focused on DevOps, web operations, performance, and the professionals that maintain and develop those services and applications. Velocity is organized by O’Reilly Media, who you may recognize from their books on engineering (with animals on the covers), videos, and other training materials. New York was the last North American stop on the Velocity Conference tour schedule. The attendees … Read More

Feature update: Find out which machine is causing the most errors

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Raygun's latest feature released: machine affected

As a software developer looking to debug your application, knowing exactly which servers are generating the errors can make the process much quicker. Raygun Crash Reporting now shows a list of servers (or machines) that are causing errors in an error group report. Here’s where to find the ‘Machine affected’ feature. Inside the Raygun Dashboard, click on the ‘Crash Reporting’ menu. The errors … Read More

Feature update: Filter errors with no specific version and by phpMyAdmin provider

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filter inbound errors

Raygun Crash Reporting has a variety of ways to filter inbound errors based on a set of chosen criteria. You were able to filter by: IP address Machine name HTTP hostname Versions Error message Tag (find out more about how the tagging feature can help keep your errors organized) User agent Today, we are introducing two new ways to filter inbound errors. … Read More

Raygun creates a seamless bug fixing workflow for Atlassian HipChat, Bitbucket and JIRA Software

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Raygun and Atlassian

Let’s face it, nobody wants to deal with a complex bug fixing workflow. Communication issues and unseen errors often trip up deployments and even take projects back to the drawing board. What does a highly tuned bug fixing workflow look like? Not as complicated as you may think. In fact, it could be a case of simplifying the steps in your current process. We’ve … Read More

Running a .NET Core app in a Docker container

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Running a .NET app in a docker container

Packaging up application code in containers (for example a Docker container) has numerous benefits, including predictable & reproducible deploys across machines and environments. This portability ideally eliminates dependency issues, speeding up production release cycles or new machine provisioning times. The open source community has enjoyed these benefits that container management tooling brings, and the ecosystem has expanded enough recently to … Read More

The anatomy of robust unit testing (with examples in C#)

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unit testing examples

I think of unit tests as an extension to my code.  A thorough testing process offers peace of mind that when refactoring the code or making performance improvements, the units still function as expected. It can also find bugs and edge cases and avoid regressions during refactoring. I come from a .NET / C# background and have compiled this collection of … Read More

Raygun’s offline crash report queuing feature

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offline crash report queuing

With the meteoric rise of mobile applications, the need to support users operating in various states of network connectivity is vital. Being able to capture crash data even while a device isn’t connected to the Internet enables your team to keep an eye on those events that might otherwise go undetected without a user submitted report. To help make the … Read More

Rails Camp West 2016: a full review

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rails camp west 2016

Over the last weekend in August over 50 members of the web development community gathered at Camp Perkins outside of Stanley, Idaho for Rails Camp West 2016. This unconventional Rails event brings a diverse group of people from across design and web development from many languages, not just Rails, on a three day retreat in the mountains. The main focus is on community building, unconference-like talks, and getting … Read More