@raygunio + ? = heart

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Sometimes things can be said best with an emoji, especially when dealing with errors – the tiny faces and, uh, objects, somehow make the day better. And what better place can there be to put them than in your error tracking comments?

Raygun now has emoji support! Hit the : key on your keyboard and choose from a list of 937 emojis! There’s even a special non-standard one in there, see if you can spot it.

To top off the emoji awesomeness, you can also mention users in comments. Chuck in an @ character and a list of your plan users pops up – pick the person you want to alert and hit enter. If you’ve been tagged in any comments, you’ll notice that you get highlighted, making it easier to scroll through and see the issues that relate to you.

Want emojis in your error tracking? Try Raygun free for 14 days here.