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Raygun is looking for high-quality articles to share with our audience.

We’d love to help you get your expertise into the world, so send us your tips, tricks, and ideas from the software development universe. Whether you’re a first-time author or a published pro, we’ll help you get in front of thousands of software professionals.

This guide will help you with everything you need to know about writing and submitting an article for the Raygun blog.

What you will get as an author

If you’ve ever wanted a byline on a tech blog, this is your chance! While we don’t currently pay for guest articles, you can promote your own website at the end of the article.

  • We give full attribution to the author
  • We share your articles on Twitter and our other channels

What we expect

The most important thing to consider when submitting a post is quality. We may decline an article that doesn’t fit our criteria, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try again! We expect that:

  • The article choice suits Raygun and our audience
  • The piece is original (not yet published elsewhere)
  • That you will work with our editor and be open to feedback
  • Accurate and up-to-date technical information

Who Raygun writes for

The Raygun audience is senior-level software professionals, whose titles may be:

  • Senior Developer
  • Senior Consultant
  • VP of Engineering
  • VP of Product
  • Head of Engineering
  • Director of Engineering
  • VP of Mobile Technology

They work mainly in midsize to enterprise companies, and wish to improve their web or mobile application’s performance, development processes, and customer/user experience. Most of our blog audience are JavaScript and .NET users.

Our blog helps software professionals understand where they can make the biggest impact on their company and personal development. The Raygun blog does this by providing high-quality and valuable content.

If in doubt, assume you are writing to a knowledgeable peer.

Topics we are looking for

  • Code-level performance optimization tips
  • DevOps best practices
  • Monitoring best practices
  • Workflow tips
  • Tool tutorials
  • JavaScript related topics
  • .NET related topics

Types of articles we publish

  • Tutorials. Example
  • Tips. Example
  • Case studies. Example
  • Tool reviews and comparisons. Example
  • How to use Raygun. Example
  • Sharing learnings from past experiences (Our successes and failures as a software company). Example
  • Opinion articles on a relevant topic. Example

What does the editorial process look like?

Our primary goal is to publish the best quality content. To do so, we will pass your article through a review process.

  1. Send a proposal with an outline, or, send us a topic idea and we can help you flesh it out. Include samples of your previous writing
  2. Once your proposal has been accepted, go ahead and write the article
  3. Submit your draft
  4. The editor will advise on any revisions
  5. The final draft is completed. You will be expected to provide images
  6. We’ll let you know when your piece is live!

Tips for writing a good outline

To help us get your article published as quickly as possible, please include the following points in your pitch:

  1. What goal will this article help your reader achieve?
  2. What unique insights can you bring to this article - why should they listen?
  3. A list of the main points for the introduction, main body, and conclusion of your article

Ready? Pitch an idea!

To submit an article idea, please send over your pitch, and we will be in touch about getting you published on the Raygun blog!

To submit an article, or for questions about the editorial process, please send an outline to freyja@raygun.com

We’ll look forward to hearing from you!