Work Smarter Not Harder With The Moxtra and Raygun Integration

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We all want to work smarter not harder right? Improving the way you work just got a lot easier with our latest integration – Moxtra.

Companies rely heavily on software applications to run their business and without the protection of error detection software in your applications, they leave themselves at great risk of losing customers when they encounter problems, usually without the developer team or customer support team even knowing about it happening.

With the recent integration between Moxtra and Raygun, not only will you be able to have a highly sophisticated way to work with your teams, but you’ll also be able to keep them informed when errors require their attention.

Moxtra is an embeddable, multilayered cloud collaboration service which brings people together in a secure workplace, combining conversations, meetings, and content in one place. Using Moxtra, teams can make faster decisions, communicate better and be more productive.

Raygun collects the errors as they occur in your applications and posts them in a Moxtra ‘binder’, so that you can discover and resolve bugs before they become a bigger problem.

Once successfully enabled, error notifications will be delivered to the configured Moxtra binder. You still get the intelligent grouping of errors so as to not overflow your binder with messages. It’s as simple as that.

Already a Moxtra user? Try out the Raygun integration right now, available in your Raygun dashboard.