Streamline Collaboration With Raygun + Assembla

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Another new integration has been added to the Raygun line-up, this time it’s Assembla, a project management software product for web development projects, teams, files, code and tasks.

Web development teams often struggle to effectively deal with software problems when they arise for two reasons.

They don’t understand what is causing the problem – Raygun can help!

When you’re alerted to a problem at 4am, or any inconsiderate time of your day (funny how that happens), everything immediately becomes 10x harder.

Whether you’re trying to restore things into an operational state from your cell phone inside a bathroom cubicle of a local bar, just as you’re boarding a long haul flight, or you were lucky enough to catch the problem five minutes before you leave the office for the day, time is of the essence. Users are reporting downtime, support tickets are increasing and people are asking uncomfortable questions on social media. It’s on you and your team to fix the problem quickly.

Even if it’s not an urgent outage, you can waste hours / days doing deep debugging looking for the root cause, all the time pressured by others to ‘just fix it’. If only you could pin-point the problem, down to the line of code it happened on in a matter of minutes.

For teams using Raygun, that’s as easy as loading up the Raygun dashboard and locating the error occurrence along with the diagnostic information. For those not using Raygun, life is going to be a lot harder! All software development teams encounter unforeseen issues, but what sets apart a great team is how they react and recover to these issues.

When is the best time to integrate Raygun with your applications? Right now, before you experience major issues. Raygun is there for you in times of need and you’ll be glad you have the diagnostic details of errors when issues arise.

2) They have no systems in place for issue management – Assembla can help!

When an issue is identified, who is in charge of fixing it? Who is it assigned to? What is the process for escalation? Whilst it is being fixed (or it re-occurs) how do we know the history of the error and what was done to fix the root cause?

Raygun integrates with project management tools like Assembla to make issue management simple.

When an issue is discovered by Raygun, information about the error can be viewed in your Raygun account. This information can tell you why an error happened by providing all the detailed diagnostic information needed to identify how to fix the problem.

Developer teams can then use the Raygun + Assembla integration to create tickets in Assembla and assign team members to related tasks, with a link available in both Assembla and Raygun to the relevant page in each service.

One of the features that makes Assembla unique is the way conversations flow to give you the right answer at the right time from the right person.

This allows you to bring error resolution into your team’s project / task management workflow, assigning team members to individual problems and keeping the process of finding and subsequently fixing issues into a central place where your whole team has visibility.

Here’s a short video showing the Raygun and Assembla integration in action.

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