How to use Real User Monitoring Insights to improve website performance

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Insights is a powerful new addition to our Real User Monitoring tool. It will periodically scan all your public web pages for performance and usability issues that your end users are experiencing with the Insights Rules feature. The best part is that all your pages are scanned automatically – no pasting in one URL and waiting for the results of a single page.

Here’s an example of how Insights looks inside your dashboard: 

Raygun uses a set of 22 industry standard rules to build an accurate picture of your website performance. For each rule, Raygun offers an actionable and practical solution for your software development team to enable a fast fix.

Let’s take a look at the rules in detail, so you know what Insights is looking out for on your site. I’ve broken them down into:

Let’s start with usability:



We’ve already looked at how important fast page load times are to your company. Improving your website’s load speed is perhaps the most crucial factor in user experience, which is why most of the Insights rules target areas where you can increase your website’s performance.

Let’s take a look at these rules below:

Use Insights Rules to build a better picture of your website

Insights scans your entire website automatically for problem areas, so there’s no need to paste one URL in at a time and wait for the results per page. The comprehensive Insights Rules feature performs a thorough scan of your website every time, so no performance issues slip through the cracks and affect your end users.

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