Recent updates to the Raygun4Ruby provider: a quick recap of the last 6 months

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Over the past six months, we’ve made some significant improvements to the Raygun4Ruby provider. To make error diagnosis and resolution even easier, we added a few new features and resolved every outstanding community request.

We wanted to do a quick recap of the recent updates, just in case you missed them.

This is a feature that we have rolled out to Raygun4JS, Raygun4Net, and Raygun4Ruby letting you provide a trail of information of the request through your system so you can have more context about how the error happened.

Whitelisting payloads

Whitelisting payloads is important for when you have stringent data privacy requirements and blacklisting might let unwanted data through. This feature lets you provide a payload shape that whitelists only the specific pieces of data you want.

Exception sending failsafe

If Raygun4Ruby encounters an error trying to process an exception (most commonly because of utf-8/ascii encoding issues), it will try and send you that error so you’re aware that you might be missing some exceptions.

Tags and custom data

Dynamically set tags and custom data on a per-exception basis. This is a feature that many of our other providers have and improves the value of these two features.

We also added the ability to specify custom data on the exception instance itself for global configuration of custom data for specific types of exceptions.

Affected user in manual exception tracking

Manual exception tracking via send can now make use of affected user tracking by passing your user object as the third argument.

Smaller updates

  • Server utcOffset time is included in error payloads so we can show you the correct server local time in the Raygun app
  • Sending exceptions in a background thread to prevent holding up the main request thread. (This is an opt-in feature)
  • Support for tracking inner exceptions via the Ruby 2.1 Exception#cause feature
  • Affected user tracking support for Sidekiq workers
  • Of course, bug fixes

We want to make our Raygun4Ruby provider the best it can be, so if there are still features you wish it had, make sure to request them in our feature request forum here.

For more information on these features and how to use them, refer to the README in the Github repository.

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