Raygun4Net provider improvement bonanza!

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We are pleased to announce version 2.0 of our .NET Raygun.com provider. For those who don’t know, this provider can be integrated into applications for WPF, ASP.NET, WinForms, WinRT, Windows Phone, Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android. The focus of this version was mainly to clean up the code. We’ve removed all the preprocessor directives, unused and obsolete code. So for those who are interested in making local modifications or pull requests, you’ll find the code is much easier to read and work with. While we were at it, we also made a few improvements:

Easier set up

The WinRT and Windows Phone providers can now be set up with a single line of code. You will no longer need to manually listen to unhandled exceptions, this Attach method will set everything up for you:


At any time after calling this method, you can use the static RaygunClient.Current property to get the RaygunClient instance. This can be used to change any of the settings, or to manually send handled exceptions via the Send methods.

More device state values

The Windows Phone provider now includes additional device state information in each error report. This includes the device manufacturer, hardware and firmware versions, screen dimensions, available isolated storage memory, and application memory usage values. The WinRT provider will also tell you the state of your application when it crashed – full screen, filled, snapped and so on. From our experience, this has been useful information for reproducing and tracking down bugs.

Improved stack trace

The way that the stack trace information is set in the model and sent to Raygun has been improved for most of the .NET providers. In particular, the WinRT and Windows Phone stack traces will be formatted much better when viewing error information in your Raygun dashboard.

Easier to set custom version

The Raygun4Net provider will automatically detect your application version and send this with each error report. Sometimes however you may want to provide a custom version. We had previously made this possible through overloads of the Send methods so that you can pass in your custom version number. This is inconvenient if you do a lot of manual error sending, or want to use the RaygunClient.Attach method. So now, the RaygunClient has a new ApplicationVersion property so that you can set your custom version number just once.

These improvements are available right now in GitHub and Nuget. Make sure your applications are primed with the latest version of Raygun4Net so that you can benefit from the very best error tracking.

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