Raygun has reduced our errors by 50-75%

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Frustrated with the lack of existing options, Samuel Kordik and his team created their product – MyStudentPCR, a web service/app that helps educators teach documentation skills and track their students’ performances during clinical internships. After integrating Raygun into their development workflow they have not looked back. Here Samuel details his experiences so far with Raygun.

“We had trouble collecting client-side errors and putting useful information together with the errors. I had tried implementing some logging solutions in our app, but the information provided wasn’t all that useful without knowing what was going on with the request and the client.”

Raygun’s ability to collect JS errors has proven invaluable, especially when we moved a lot of our application logic to the client-side. In fact, without Raygun, I don’t think we could have implemented that transition as quickly. Raygun also provides very useful information about the environment and IP address used. This was helpful when a customer reported some issues that we could not recreate. We were able to use the IP address of the request to track down the bug to a specific location, and upon visiting that location discovered that there was a firewall/internet filter in use there that caused the bug and we were able to change our code to allow for it. Without Raygun, I’m not sure we would have been able to fix that problem—certainly not as easily as we did.”

“We have a team of 3 people at this point, and I am the primary developer. Our product is a tool for educators in the allied health field—EMT, paramedic, radiology technician, nursing schools. About 2 years, my co-founder and I saw a need in our personal work in EMS education for this kind of app and started developing it.”

“Raygun is an amazing tool that collects your errors, presents them to you with a whole bunch of additional related data, lets you link them to issues in your bug tracking tool, and makes it easy to track errors throughout your application lifecycle.”

“The ignore/permanently ignore feature is fantastic. The errors are still logged, but Raygun lets me filter out the errors I don’t want to see in order to see the ones that really require my attention.”

Raygun has reduced our errors by 50-75%. Mostly because it makes it very easy to see a lot of information about the error and solve it, instead of having to guess or dig around in log files.”

“I definitely recommend Raygun to others; it’s not an absolutely essential tool for us, but it is by far the easiest tool in my toolbox to deal with errors. In fact, I pay for a popular (and very useful) monitoring tool that includes error reporting, but I don’t use that feature. I use Raygun and recommend Raygun to others because it makes my job maintaining software and developing software SO much easier.”

“In my role specifically, a couple things are really useful. If a user submits a bug report, the first thing I do is go to Raygun and see if I can correlate the user experience with an error. That helps me tremendously; the user’s report rarely includes the technical details Raygun includes for me to identify what’s going on. The other thing Raygun is great at is sending me an email if there is an increased frequency of errors. This has been useful in quickly catching problems, especially if a bug wasn’t caught before we deployed a new version. Our level of responsiveness has been much faster and it feels great to get contacted by a customer about an error and be able to tell them we already know about it and are already working on a fix.”

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