Upcoming Raygun Events

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We have a busy second half of the year here at Raygun!  Tori and I will be travelling around quite a bit to meet you all and talk to you more about Crash Reporting and Pulse – Real User Monitoring.

To help you know where we might be at any given point in the next few months, we have put together this quick sample of our upcoming Raygun events for the rest of the year.

If you have an event you love or would love to see us at, reach out and let us know!

21st July – WDCNZ – Wellington, NZ (Several Raygun Developers)

One night only. Four Speakers. Drinks and general awesome. Visit WDCNZ.

18th July – Silicon Valley iOS Meetup – Mountain View, CA (Tori)

In July we’ll be sponsoring a joint meeting between the Silicon Valley iOS Meetup and the Bay Area Unity Users’ Group. Julian Gomez is organizing and recruiting speakers to talk about VR apps on iOS. Among them, Mark from Unity will talk about how Unity3D supports VR on iOS.

We’ll be sponsoring the food and drinks so sign up and come meet Tori!

27th July – All Things API Meetup – San Francisco, CA (Tori and Jesse)

Developer evangelist, Jesse will be talking about the experiences we have “enjoyed” in integrating our platform with more than 20 different services. Jesse will run through the good, bad and the ugly from what the team has seen. Wrapping up the session, Jesse will be providing advice on some best practices for how to design APIs that your consumers will love.

Food and beverage will be provided so come get informed, network, and join local API enthusiasts!

26-28th July – Node Summit -San Francisco, CA (Jesse)

Node Summit, a two-day conference in San Francisco July 27-28 with Day Zero on July 26, is the largest event focused exclusively on Node.js.  Jesse will be on hand to answer any Raygun, general development, or Node.js specific questions you might have!

17th August – Practical Software Quality Testing – San Diego, CA (Tori)

PSQT is the one of the only conferences that focuses only on practical best practices in every aspect of software quality assurance and testing. The conference theme, “Practical – Proven – Feasible” keeps the focus on what works. The conference is dedicated to helping all levels of QA and test professionals to adopt methods, technologies, and practices that consistently increase productivity and produces higher quality systems.

Tori, our amazing Event Manager, will be there to answer your Raygun questions and spread cheer (and SWAG!) to the entire exhibit hall!  Stop by and say hi!

18th August – Abstractions.io – Pittsburgh, PA (Jesse)

Jesse will be attending the Abstractions.io conference in beautiful Pittsburgh!  Abstractions is a new conference that brings together everyone involved in modern software development — designers, developers, DevOps, and community leaders — to teach, learn, and connect.

Feel free to reach out to him to go grab a cup of coffee or some food to discuss the conference or just “talk shop” if you’re in town!

21st August – 360i Dev – Denver, CO (Tori)

The Leading indie iOS/Mac Developer conference in the world!  Tori will be on-hand at the Raygun booth meet with everyone and talk more about how Raygun can help your organization.

“This event may have been the single best experience I’ve had in my professional (and independent) career” – Previous Attendee

Four days, over 50 sessions, over 40 speakers, all community.

26 – 29th August – Rails Camp West – Stanley, ID (Jesse)

A retreat for the web development community to meet & learn from each other while unplugging and getting out of the city amongst a campfire.

Jesse will be at the event to learn and teach others in the Rails community while also providing ample amounts of humor and examples of what not to do in the outdoors.

Don’t see your favourite event?

We look forward to meeting our community and doing our part to help improve developer happiness and quality of life through powerful, easy-to-use tools like Crash Reporting and Pulse.