Easier Error Tracking With Raygun And YouTrack

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This week we have Natasha Katson – Product Manager for our integration partner YouTrack – talking about how Raygun and YouTrack work together to keep things simple when it comes to error tracking. Plus there’s a special offer for Raygun users…

Raygun and Youtrack made error tracking easier

When you work in a software company, you deal with handling issues and errors on a daily basis.

There are a variety of issue tracking tools and applications on the market that can provide much-needed help in identifying and fixing bugs.

However, setting up a convenient workflow for issue management is not always easy.

A while ago, Raygun announced integration with YouTrack an issue tracker for development teams.

Today, I’d like to walk through how Raygun and YouTrack work together to make your issue tracking process more manageable.

Introducing YouTrack

In a nutshell, YouTrack is an issue tracker and a project management tool.

It is extremely popular among development teams because it offers:

  • smart search
  • handy shortcuts
  • command syntax
  • keyboard driven navigation
  • flexible workflows
  • YouTrack also allows you to create a personal dashboard with the most relevant reports to keep track of your project. You will be able to analyze your project, monitor how much time you spend solving issues, vote for issues and customize them.

    Raygun and YouTrack

    Raygun instantly notifies your team of every error that occurs in your application. But knowing about errors is not enough: you have to create issues, assign them to someone, and finally fix them.

    To manage your issues and keep them under control, simply integrate Raygun and YouTrack. It’s an easy and fast process; click here to view the full instructions.

    What’s so exciting about YouTrack?

    As a developer you want to keep things simple. YouTrack brings this experience to you. With smart search you can finally forget about using the mouse and dealing with “heavy” drop-downs. Just use a query syntax to find issues and bugs:

    Raygun and YouTrack integrate smoothly as you can see from the image

    Use a quick and easy search inside YouTrack to find bugs

    YouTrack gives you multiple ways to manage your issues. You can set issue attributes; add watchers; link issues to each other; use wiki markup to edit descriptions; and manage access to specific issues. If you want your colleagues to be involved in the process, just mention them using the special @ tag in the comments section.

    Another cool thing about YouTrack is its integration with IntelliJ IDEA, a leading polyglot IDE. After it’s set up, you can work with your issues right from IntelliJ IDEA. This makes bug-fixing even more automated.

    When Raygun delivers errors to your dashboard and YouTrack makes your issue handling faster, you’ll have a stable workflow for providing your users with the best product!

    And we have a special offer for those who haven’t tried YouTrack yet!

    Sign up for YouTrack InCloud and use the special code #youtracklovesraygun at the end of your 30-day trial period to get one free month for your YouTrack instance. The code is valid until September 10, 2016, available for new customers only, and applies for any YouTrack InСloud plan with a monthly subscription.

    To claim your free month of YouTrack, follow these steps:

  • Open your instance
  • Navigate to Global Settings
  • Click ‘Upgrade your plan’
  • Choose your plan with monthly subscription
  • Click the Subscribe button
  • Click ‘have a discount code’ and apply the coupon code #youtracklovesraygun to get a 100% discount for the first month of your YouTrack subscription
  • If you have any questions or need help, contact YouTrack customer support.