New integration: Raygun Crash Reporting and GitHub Enterprise

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If you are a Raygun Crash Reporting customer, you can now integrate GitHub Enterprise repositories with your Raygun applications. Raygun and GitHub Enterprise work together so you will be able to synchronize issues in GitHub with an error in Raygun Crash Reporting, making it much easier to stay on top of any errors in your application.

Prior to now, our customers were only able to integrate with standard GitHub. Now if you are using GitHub Enterprise (much like standard GitHub, but your repositories can be hosted on any server of your choosing) you can benefit from the functionality of our integrations. 

Here’s how to get set up with Raygun and GitHub enterprise

Just like our many other integrations, you can find our new GitHub Enterprise integration under the ‘I**ntegrations’ **area in the Raygun Crash Reporting application:

Simply click on the GitHub integration’ (which will allow you set up either standard GitHub or GitHub Enterprise.) From here, you have the option of choosing to setup with either standard GitHub or GitHub Enterprise:

  • If you choose standard GitHub’** **the you will be directed to the GitHub website for authentication
  • If you choose the GitHub Enterprise’ option you will be presented with our new form for your GitHub Enterprise details

From here you will be able to set your repositories URL and various other details we need for you to integrate with Raygun:

Once the authentication process is complete, simply choose your repository’ from the drop down list, tick the ‘Mark linked errors as resolved when closed in Github’ and ‘Enabled’ checkboxes, then click ‘Save Changes’ to enable the Raygun and GitHub Enterprise integration:

Now that the integration is set up and enabled, you are able to link any chosen error reports in Raygun with your GitHub issues. You can even create new issues in GitHub to reflect your error reports in Raygun if none exist in GitHub. If you link an error with an issue in GitHub, Raygun will even automatically mark that error as resolved if you later close the linked issue in GitHub!

The process of linking errors with issues in GitHub is also fully explained step-by-step in our documentation here. 

In conclusion, our new GitHub Enterprise integration is just part of our ever increasing support for allowing you to seamlessly use Raygun alongside your favorite software.

Do you have any questions on getting Raygun and GitHub Enterprise? Get in touch with a team member here.

**Feature release: Link back to source form GiHub, BitBucket and GitLab **

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