Crash Reporting Feature Release: Rank Errors According To Amount Of Users Affected

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You asked – we listened.

Sometimes you need to know exactly how many users have been affected by a particular error, so you can prioritise and focus efforts where it matters.

Therefore, Raygun Crash Reporting has added a ‘must-have’ feature to the main dashboard:

You can now rank errors according to how many users were affected with a new ‘Users’ column in the ‘Active’ tab.

This means you can prioritize and concentrate team efforts on the most important errors affecting the most users. (As per the filter required.) [bctt tweet=”Exactly how many users are being affected by a specific error? Find out with Raygun’s latest feature!” username=”raygunio”]

Let’s take a look at Crash Reporting’s main dashboard before and after:



This feature also forces a 1 week time range if none is supplied to match with the date picker inferred behaviour.

It’s also available to all plans.

To find this feature, simply:

  1. Head to your Crash Reporting dashboard
  2. See ‘Time Occurred’ to see how long ago the error last happened
  3. See ‘Count’ for how often the error occurred
  4. See ‘Users’ for how many users this particular error affected

Any questions please comment below.