Pluralsight Course For Raygun Now Available!

| 2 min. (240 words)

We’re big fans of educational training website Pluralsight here at Raygun, so as the story goes, we approached our friend Filip Ekberg about doing a Pluralsight course on Raygun. Soon afterwards we heard he’d recorded the tutorial sessions and submitted it for review! We’re pleased to announce the course is now live and accessible on the Pluralsight website. Check it out here.

We’d obviously like to thank Filip for all his hard work putting the course together and for his blog post about the course going live. We hope to see additional courses in the future, for example “Getting started with Raygun in PHP”, if this is something you would like to see, let us know! The Pluralsight course just released covers the following subject areas:


  • Handling Errors? Why?
  • Why Raygun?
  • Demo: Setting up Your Raygun Account
  • Summary

Raygun in Desktop Applications

  • Introduction
  • Demo: Raygun in a Console Application
  • Demo: Raygun in a WPF Application
  • Demo: Raygun in a Windows Forms Application
  • Demo: Raygun in a Windows Service Application
  • Summary

Raygun in ASP.NET

  • Introduction
  • Demo: Raygun in ASP.NET MVC
  • Summary

Raygun with Xamarin

  • Introduction
  • Demo: Raygun in Xamarin
  • Summary

Administration and Integration

  • Introduction
  • Demo: Integrating with Hipchat
  • Demo: Integrating with GitHub
  • Summary

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This course provides a great resource for people that want to get a detailed introduction to Raygun, and don’t forget, we have a FREE 14 day trial available to help you get started.