New features in Raygun this week

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Welcome to our new blog! In the first post I’d like to share some of the new features and improvements we’ve just shipped.



Improved plan creation
Until today, any time you created an account an underlying ‘plan’ was created for you — starting a trial. This happened when users were invited to your application and had the unfortunate side effect of emailing them to tell them their trial was going to expire after 30 days. This confused users. As far as they were concerned they belonged to an app that was being paid for.

Today we have made an improvement so that a plan is only created, in a trialling state, when a user adds their first application.

A blog
You’re on it! We now have a place for sharing Raygun related news — new features, providers, improvements. We hope you like it!

Emails on forum comments
If you post in our online forum and we reply you’ll now get emailed about it.

More detail
When reviewing error details we now show even more information from the raw details that have been provided (especially if you’ve migrated from AirBrake to Raygun).

Quick links in the app side bar
We had many requests for the inclusion of links to our online forums and feature request system to be linked from the side bar of the main application. They’re now there — we love hearing from you!

Bug fixes

Some users had their list of recent errors not being shown in order correctly. This has now been resolved.


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