New Error Notification Emails Packed With Data

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Finiding out the route cause of any error is something most developers want to do as quickly as possible. One thing that has been on our roadmap for a while is to include more information in the error emails we send to customers. If you didn’t know, Raygun detects and diagnoses your software errors in real-time, so these error notification emails can provide a great way of being notified when errors and crashes are occurring in your applications, without being flooded with notifications when things go wrong.

The old emails were slightly lacking in info, so we have added extra diagnostic information, so the emails now include:

  • Error name
  • Name of the Application
  • Error message
  • Stack Trace
  • The user that was affected
  • Tags
  • Request data
  • Actions

The updated error email notifications will make finding and solving issues even easier,** pin pointing exactly where the error came from, without leaving your inbox**. Here’s a look at what the new emails can tell you.

We hope this adds a bit more clarity and provides a useful addition to all Raygun users. We do listen to your feedback so if you do have any comments or suggestions, good or bad, flick us an email. We’ll be happy to help.

Not tried Raygun yet and what to get this kind of notification about your application’s errors? We have a free 14 day trial available here.