Mobile application development trends from 2016 – what we saw in tech

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A lot can happen within a single year, between work and family life it can be tough to stay fully up to date with the latest news and mobile application development trends.

As a mobile developer it can also be tough to filter out the relevant information that could impact your work. Sometimes we need to take the time to look up from our desks and see what’s happening around us. Taking the time to do so can provide us valuable knowledge, from resolving your current technical issues to anticipating what users will be expecting from the latest mobile applications.

So what has happened in 2016 that mobile developers should know about?

**Conclusion  **

There has been a big focus this year on security for both developers and end users. Encryption is playing a greater role in protecting mobile application data and is becoming the foundation on which mobile devices and their applications are being built upon.

Looking forward to the impact of these mobile application development trends, what could we expect from 2017?

Personally, I believe security will continue to be an important area that will improve and evolve over the next year. There has also been some great leaps in cloud-based infrastructure to allow for greater adoption of the technology. Next year we could see even the smallest development teams have the opportunity to leverage this at low cost. Virtual reality (VR) is another rising star that has done well on other platforms like gaming consoles this year. Next year we could see a big push for more VR content specifically designed for mobile devices.

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