MADTampa Recap – Improving Your App Quality With Raygun Error Reporting

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This week Russ Fustino spoke to attendees at the Mobile App Developer (MAD) Group meeting in Tampa, Florida. This session had lots of interest about “Improving Your App Quality”.

Some of the questions that were asked at the event:

Q: Can I use multiple technologies for an application and consider it one application in Raygun? IE, if I have a hybrid app with Xamarin written in C# that uses a Web page with JavaScript, can I use the same App ID both both?

A: Yes. You can combine technologies for an Application as defined in Raygun. We just use language choice to get you started when you create an app.  Of course, an application is how you  feel all of the necessary components that add up to make up your app run. Raygun pricing is not based on multiple languages or technologies that are used for the app.

Q:  How long is the trial period for Raygun?

A: 14 days

Q: Can I capture non-error information with Raygun?

A: At this time, you can collect affected user information associated with errors.

Q: How do I manage an app in test versus an app in production using Raygun?

A: The simplest way is to have a separate app ID for Production, You can easily do this with conditional compilation statements DEBUG vs RELEASE compiles in Visual Studio.


Here’s Russ’ slides from the event:

Three completed sample projects I demonstrated for setting up Raygun are here for JavaScript, WPF and Xamarin Forms using Dependency Injection.

Some useful plugins for Xamarin (Device, Settings, etc..):

Affected user tracking:


.NET Platforms:

Language support:



Raygun blog: </>

Case Studies: /case-studies/

Dependency Injection:

Contact info:



I hope everyone that attended enjoyed the event! Or, if you weren’t at the event, I hope the above slides, sample projects and links are useful to get started with a free 14 day trial of Raygun today!