Get Insights Into Team Activity With The New Raygun Audit Log

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Note: the Raygun Audit Log feature is only available for business and enterprise customers.

When you work in small, medium or large software development teams, things can become a little messy when using a tool like Raygun with so many team members collaborating together. Seeing as Raygun allows for unlimited team members, we found that users wanted a way of keeping track of things that their colleagues did (or didn’t) do. Today we’re pleased to ship the latest in a long list of awesome features from the hard-working Raygun team – The Audit Log.

Raygun now keeps a log of all user actions which helps keep security tight in your company. These actions range from those working with the product (resolving errors, deleting items), through to plan level functions like adding and removing team members. To access this screen, click on your username in the top right corner, then choose ‘Audit Log.’

From here, you’ll find the ability to filter various fields, giving you the power with a few clicks of the mouse to see that it was in-fact Dave who marked that active error as resolved before it was fixed. Nice one Dave!

We didn’t build this feature just to bash on a few colleagues though, you can narrow down your search using the query panel on the left hand side and change the date range covered, the types of activities, which applications or plans to look at, and which users you are interested in. Changes to the query panel will be applied automatically which makes this a great tool for developers and their respective managers to get a great overview of what’s happening surrounding error management in your applications.

      <b>See every single action taken across all your applications</b><br /> The filtering feature allows you to quickly narrow in on the actions taken for the applications that you care about the most.

Just another stunningly simple but effective feature brought to you by the world’s best error reporting tool.

If you have any questions on upgrading your plan or how to use the Audit Log feature, get in touch with friendly team member here.