Feature Update: Filter inbound crash reports by HTTP hostname

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Note: Article amended February 8th 2017 to include ‘URL path’ as a new inbound filter.

We recently released a new feature to allow you to filter out incoming crash reports based on data in that report matching a defined rule (e.g. 404 requests, bot traffic, reports which originated from a nominated machine).

We have had really positive feedback to this feature. The capability covered a wide range of feature requests we have had for Crash Reporting over this past year. Naturally a number of customers immediately started to think of more scenarios that would assist them in removing unwanted reports from view.

You can now filter out crash reports based on the originating HTTP host name and HTTP URL path.

How to set up filtering by HTTP hostname and URL path

To use this filter, select the ‘Filtering‘ menu options underneath the ‘Crash Reports‘ section in the sidebar.

You should see the new ‘HTTP‘ tab available:

HTTP Hostname

This will show a dropdown menu where you can select either ‘Hostname’ or ‘URL path.’

Similar to our filtering for ‘IP address‘ tab and ‘Machine name‘ tab you can either specify a hostname or URL path e.g. app.raygun.com or a wildcard pattern e.g. *.raygun.com which will match on app.raygun.com and api.raygun.com but not on raygun.com or www.google.com.

Adding a rule will add an entry into the ‘Active filters‘ section which you can remove later if required:

HTTP hostname

Keep an eye out for more filters coming your way soon.

Need help or have questions about inbound filtering? Contact a Raygun team member here.

If you have suggestions for inbound filters that could help your company, head to our forums page where we read and evaluate all our feature requests.

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