Feature release: Deployment lines for Raygun Crash Reporting

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If you’ve ever needed a clearer picture of which deployments are responsible for spikes in the number of errors you see in your Raygun dashboard, look no further. Our latest feature, deployment lines, allows you to get a better picture of problematic deployments.

This feature is particularly useful for seeing the health of each version of your application.

Raygun Crash Reporting has always been able to track deployments – we just made deployment data more visible. Now, you can get a visual representation of trends in error counts relating to a particular deployment.

Want to drill down into a particular deployment? No problem. Click on the chart and all the details on the deployment will be shown.

Deployment lines are easy to setup, available to all plans and only takes a few moments. If you already have deployments set up with Raygun, we will show the deployment chart by default. You can toggle on and off as needed.

**Let’s take a look at the deployment lines feature **

**When you get to the dashboard, you’ll see your errors over time. If you have deployments enabled, you’ll see the new deployments chart: **

If you have no deployments enabled, you’ll be prompted to setup deployment tracking:

Once you have enabled deployments, hover over the chart to see the number of errors and deployments in the time range:

Clicking on the chart will reveal the Deployments tooltip, which allows you to select a specific deployment, or ‘See all’:

Clicking on the ‘Version’ number will take you to the actual deployment page within Raygun. The ‘See all’ option links to the deployments page where you can see deployments filtered by date.

Get a better understanding of your deployments

Get a better understanding of which deployments are causing errors with the deployment lines feature.

Do you have any questions about deployment lines, or have any feature requests for our team?

Get in touch with a team member here. 

Happy zapping!

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