Product update: Get more context around performance issues with Real User Monitoring Insights

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With more end users becoming reliant on web applications for everything from holiday bookings to grocery shopping, knowing exactly how your web application is performing is becoming more crucial to your bottom line.  

Statistics show if an end user has a problem with a page on your website, they will simply leave, perhaps never to return. In fact, 64% never return to a website after a poor experience.

Keep users on your site with the powerful new addition to our Real User Monitoring tool: Insights. With Insights monitoring your public website, you’ll discover the truth behind your website performance metrics and how to improve them.

What is Insights?

Insights analyzes the public pages of your website, finds key areas of poor performance and gives actionable steps to fix them. This information is easy to access within the Raygun UI. Whether you need to drill down into exactly who was affected by an issue or gain an overview of how your performance has improved over the last quarter, Insights has you covered.

Insights brings you the following benefits:

A sneak peek inside Insights

How to get started

Take a free trial of Real User Monitoring. Once your trial is activated, data will start appearing in your dashboard. As Real User Monitoring sends updates in real time, you’ll be able to see data straight away.

Here’s how to navigate to Insights:

Below, is the main Real User Monitoring dashboard. In the left sidebar, is the Insights menu. Simply click the ‘Insights’ menu option and Insights will appear in your main window.

Start seeing exactly where performance issues are affecting end users in the time it takes for a coffee break. Take a free 14 day trial of Real User Monitoring and get all the benefits of  Insights today.

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