Feature release: Clickable error tags for automatic error filtering

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Raygun is happy to announce we have released the clickable error tags feature. This latest upgrade to the error grouping feature helps you filter errors even faster.

When you are in your Crash Reporting dashboard, you’ll see the error details in the ‘Summary’ tab. This includes a list of any tags sent with the error payload. (For a detailed description on how to label your exceptions and how to differentiate between environments with error tags visit this article.)

The clickable error tags feature allows you to filter unwanted errors quickly

Previously, these error tags were static. However, a valued Raygun customer suggested it would be valuable to be able to click on these tags. We deployed the update pretty quickly  and now the error tag label takes you straight to the Dashboard view.

(Many thanks to David for requesting this feature!)

This is particularly useful because you can see how many errors are related to a particular tag. Here are a couple of ways you’ll find it useful:

1.You may have deployed a new version

Using the clickable error tags feature, you can see your newly deployed version is throwing more exceptions than it should.  You can now make an informed decision to roll back to the previous version so you can troubleshoot.

**2.You have lots of errors coming from a particular environment **

You can see from the clickable error tags feature that there are a lot of errors coming through from a particular environment. If, for example, you see an error with a test environment tag, you can click on the tag, view the other error groups with that tag and ignore these errors in your Crash Reporting dashboard so you can remove the clutter.

Here’s how it works:

The blue tags contain the tag associated with the error:

The error tags feature is located under the error summary tab

Clicking on the tags will take you to all the error instances in that group:

Clicking on the error tag will take you to the dashboard with only those errors related to the tag

Do you have any questions about the new clickable error tags?

If you have any questions about clickable error tags, get in touch with a friendly team member here.

Or, if you have a feature request, we’d like to hear from you! Head to our feature request forum to make a suggestion.

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