Atlassian Summit review: A full breakdown of the 2016 conference

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Atlassian makes well-known software platforms like JIRA Software, Confluence, and BitBucket which many of you are likely to be familiar with. They also host a yearly conference called Atlassian Summit which focuses mainly on their products and platforms supported by a wealth of information on DevOps, Agile development methodologies, and collaboration.

In this review, I’ll take a look at the 2016 Conference and let you know what I learned from the weekend.

Setting the scene of Atlassian Summit 2016

The 2016 Atlassian Summit itself was divided into two major portions: the partner day and the main conference.

Partner day was geared towards providing Atlassian experts, marketplace vendors, corporate resellers, training partners, and partner affiliates with product updates, news, and training courses. The main conference was where experts came together to give presentations on a variety of topics. Here are some of the notable session highlights from the main conference.

Main conference day one

Main Conference day two

What have Raygun and Atlassian been up to?

Parting thoughts and a look to next year

The 2016 Atlassian Summit was a fun filled, information rich experience that I thoroughly enjoyed. From the diverse crowd of attendees to the incredibly professional and well-done sessions, I couldn’t recommend it more.

The Atlassian team has started planning for the 2017 Summit, which should be even bigger than this year.

While no additional information has been released on the date or location for next year’s Atlassian Summit, rest assured that the event will be a must-see for those companies utilizing any of the Atlassian family of products.