Affected User Tracking – The Easy Way To Find Out Who, What, Why and When!

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Are software errors ever a good thing? I don’t think so, do you? If only your code just worked, and worked for everybody, life would be so easy. Your application users are real people, and when seeing error counts creeping upwards it can be hard to make the relation between the numbers and the people who are experiencing these issues. So we wondered how to make sure that your users were at the heart of your error reporting activities and today we’re launching Affected User Tracking.

What if you could not only see error occurrences in Raygun – but which of your users those errors affected? What if you could view each user and which errors they experienced? What if you could contact those users and notify them of a fix? Well, we’ll show you how to do all of this and more with this powerful new feature.

Who was affected?

Get a full list of affected users who have experienced crashes and errors with your application. We’ll display who has experienced problems alongside how many times.

What errors did they experience?

Click on each user to view the errors they experienced, so you can see when and why they happened, with all the information you need to fix the issues they experienced, before further users are affected.

Contacting users to give amazing experiences

We’ve all seen those pop up notifications when you experience a crash. Would you like to send a crash report? Well, no, not really, as no doubt it’ll just disappear into a black hole, never to be seen again. Raygun allows you to flip this customer experience completely on it’s head. When you are notified of a particular user experiencing a particular error, imagine how surprised and delighted a customer might be to receive a notification to say that you saw they experienced a problem and have deployed a fix. Perhaps even offer a discount voucher or incentive to apologise.

Software developers may not be customer facing the majority of the time, but delivering these types of customer experiences can make all the difference when competing in the highly competitive software market and can lead to increased customer satisfaction, sales and profits. You can choose to contact each user individually or send out a bulk email to all users that were affected by a particular issue. It’s easy.

It’s available right now

You can set this up right away! You’ll find Affected User Tracking located in the application sidebar as well as on each error details page for error groups where specific users were affected.

Learn more about setting up Affected User Tracking in your application here.