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Raygun's suite of application monitoring tools lets your team easily detect, diagnose and resolve issues your customers are experiencing whilst using your web and mobile apps.

Raygun offers Startmate companies up to $20,000 USD in free usage credit.

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Build better software, faster with Raygun

Maintain Full Visibility Over Your Web and Mobile App Performance

  • Lightweight SDKs for every language & platform
  • Raygun silently monitors your application for when users encounter issues
  • Build custom dashboards and start tracking the metrics that matter to you most
  • Unlimited applications and environments allow you to monitor every part of your tech stack

Build Flawless Digital Experiences and Increase Customer Satisfaction

  • Add Crash Reporting, across your full tech stack and detect every error in your software, the second they happen
  • See the full stack trace, environment, browser, version, OS, class name, host and more
  • Convert minified, compiled, or transpiled code into readable stack traces
  • Track user interactions, requests, clicks and console messages before an error occurred

See Inside Your Code to Diagnose Performance Bottlenecks

  • Solve your biggest performance questions with all the diagnostic information you need with Raygun APM
  • See overall performance timings with high detail, visual flame charts of every trace
  • Precise and accurate method level timings, as well as high-level overviews and trends
  • Automatic issue detection and code level insight into performance bottlenecks

Build Custom Dashboards to Monitor Application Health With Your Team

  • Dashboards allow you to stream data from multiple products and applications within Raygun to give you complete visibility into software health
  • Create custom, drag-and-drop dashboards within seconds
  • Add Raygun dashboards to office TVs and bring your entire organisation together when it comes to monitoring what matters

Dive Into Real User Sessions And Optimize Frontend Performance

  • Quickly discover poor performing parts of your application, diagnose the root cause, and prioritize the biggest performance gains
  • Understand exactly how your application performed for every user session with instance-level diagnostics on every page request
  • Monitor frontend performance trends to track how development efforts are improving performance and creating better user experiences

Detect Every Error And Find Issues Before Your Users Do

  • View every detail of each error instance or performance issue including the specific users that were affected
  • Smart email and team chat notifications alert you when things need your attention
  • Raygun integrates with all your current workflow tools including Slack, JIRA, GitHub, Trello, Bitbucket and more
  • Create scheduled reports based on specific data you want to focus on

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