Pivotal Tracker Integration

To set this up, go to your Raygun.com dashboard, and navigate to an application that you want to integrate with PivotalTracker. In the side menu on the left, click “Application Settings” and then “Plugins” that appears below it. This will display a list of all our integrations where you can select PivotalTracker. Click the Setup tab, and then enter your … Read More

Gitlab Integration

1. In the Raygun dashboard, head to the ‘Integrations’ tab 2. Inside the ‘Integrations’ tab, select ‘GitLab’ in the bottom right: 3. Head to the Setup tab to start to integrate Raygun and GitLab 4. Head to your GitLab account, head to profile settings, then account tab you’ll see a token 5. Copy and paste into API token field inside … Read More