See how Ignition are using Raygun to build amazing software

Raygun adds value at every stage of the development process. Ross Hawkins is the Owner (and a Consultant/Developer) of Ignition Development Limited. The company mainly provides consulting and bespoke web development services (using ASP.NET and other Microsoft technologies) to large scale ecommerce shops in Europe. “Raygun is a number of things. It’s error management done right”, Ross explains. “It’s a … Read More

Raygun helps us keep the end users happy and engaged with our product

Infiniforms helps you to design and create online forms that can be shared by email and social media, or embedded into your own website or blog, notifying you of any form submissions. Securely handling all data validation, collection and storage for you. You can use Infiniforms to create a form and embed it into your own website in under 2 minutes. … Read More

Raygun will fundamentally change the way you manage errors in your apps

Timely provides scheduling software for businesses in service industries. The cloud-based system is popular with salons, clinics, trainers, tutors and many others who need to grow a booking-based business. Andrew Schofield is the company’s Chief Technical Officer. As the CTO, he’s focussed on providing Timely customers with a great software experience. That doesn’t just mean a fast loading app with a … Read More

Raygun is great at discovering those errors that only happen on production

Carnival helps brands and consumer businesses increase app engagement and user conversions through targeted, automated messaging. Cody Bunea is the co-founder and CTO of mobile marketing automation platform, Carnival. Cody had this to say about Carnivals experience with Raygun; “Our team has used a lot of error trackers in the past, and by far Raygun has the best user interface and user … Read More

How iSocket uses Raygun to blast away software bugs

iSocket is a technology platform built to simplify direct, reserved ad sales. Most direct buys take 40-50 steps to execute and require involvement from dozens of sales people, ad ops, and media planners. iSocket automates the majority of those steps, making it easier to get a deal done and an order executed, while eliminating opportunities for human error. Karl Bunch, … Read More