Raygun has allowed my company to reduce its error notifications by 90%

At Global Office, we’re experts in helping companies identify the technology they need and either sourcing it or building it for them. Our clients often come to us knowing they have a problem that could be solved by technology, while others simply know they would benefit from using more strategic technology in their business. As such, we offer consulting services, … Read More

See how Ignition are using Raygun to build amazing software

Raygun adds value at every stage of the development process. Ross Hawkins is the Owner (and a Consultant/Developer) of Ignition Development Limited. The company mainly provides consulting and bespoke web development services (using ASP.NET and other Microsoft technologies) to large scale ecommerce shops in Europe. “Raygun is a number of things. It’s error management done right”, Ross explains. “It’s a … Read More

Raygun takes the unknown and makes it known

Daniel Hoenig is a Software Architect at Schneider Electric. The team of 25 are in the Refined Fuels industry and manage the flow of fuel in the US and Europe, using Raygun to manage issues in their application and ensure errors are minimised from being encountered by users. “Raygun takes the unknown and makes it known”, Daniel explains. “Without Raygun … Read More

Raygun has helped us reduce the amount of errors in our applications by roughly 30%

Alex Li is Senior Developer at Touchtech, a digital solution provider specialising in both mobile and cloud applications that develops bespoke solutions tailored to enterprise customer’s requirements. They also help startups bootstrap their ideas by building MVPs and validating their market across their 23 strong team. Alex describes Raygun as “an awesome error tracking software solution that helps make a developer’s … Read More

Raygun is a “real” error tracking system

Hitcents use Raygun for awesome error reporting. Jonathan Peppers is the Senior developer in the app department at Hitcents, working on cross-platform C# applications. He is a Xamarin MVP and author of the book, Xamarin Cross-platform Application Development. Hitcents is the software company behind the Hanx writer, with about 60 people in Bowling Green, KY. There are two sides to … Read More

Raygun is an awesome tool to track and resolve errors as they occur in real time

Karen Paul is a Risk Officer at SynapsePay, a company that offers a white-labeled API that helps companies connect to banks for things like payments, compliance and risk mitigation. Customers range from rental sites and invoicing apps to crowdfunding platforms and currency exchanges — all of which rely on SynapsePay to screen transactions and send payment instructions to banks for payment … Read More

Raygun helps us keep the end users happy and engaged with our product

Infiniforms helps you to design and create online forms that can be shared by email and social media, or embedded into your own website or blog, notifying you of any form submissions. Securely handling all data validation, collection and storage for you. You can use Infiniforms to create a form and embed it into your own website in under 2 minutes. … Read More

Raygun is like an email inbox for errors in your software

Raygun gives MinuteDock intelligent error notification emails “Raygun is like an email inbox for errors in your software, MinuteDock CEO Jared Armstrong explains. It notifies you when errors occur, with all the details and meta-data associated with the error. Basically, all the information you need to deal with it and sort out the issue for the customer(s).“ “Error grouping and ability to mark errors as … Read More

Raygun decreased production time and reduced associated costs

Cloud9 use Raygun to ship with confidence and fix errors fast. Building on 3 years of cloud IDE development experience and feedback from users that spent 3.8 million man hours on the platform, Cloud9 is on a mission to unlock the benefits of writing software in the cloud. The company has implemented Raygun to detect and diagnose errors in their … Read More