Pivotal Tracker Integration

To set this up, go to your Raygun.com dashboard, and navigate to an application that you want to integrate with PivotalTracker. In the side menu on the left, click “Application Settings” and then “Plugins” that appears below it. This will display a list of all our integrations where you can select PivotalTracker. Click the Setup tab, and then enter your … Read More

Gitlab Integration

1. In the Raygun dashboard, head to the ‘Integrations’ tab 2. Inside the ‘Integrations’ tab, select ‘GitLab’ in the bottom right: 3. Head to the Setup tab to start to integrate Raygun and GitLab 4. Head to your GitLab account, head to profile settings, then account tab you’ll see a token 5. Copy and paste into API token field inside … Read More

Matt Kremer 19 – John-Daniel Trask – Time Traveling with Rayguns

Matt Kremer speaks with John-Daniel Trask, the founder of Raygun. Surprisingly, they recorded this episode on two entirely different days…I’m pretty sure JD can time travel. They chat about everything from starting highly questionable businesses in high school to forming successful companies for software developers. We also talk about the psychology of marketing and some flaws that every developer has. Raygun is … Read More

Error Reporting and Workflow with John-Daniel Trask

Raygun CEO John-Daniel Trask talks to the Javascript Jabber team about error reporting workflows. Raygun supports all major programming languages and platforms but here we’ll take a deep dive into Javascript error monitoring, including Source maps, framework support and privacy around data collection.

DotNetRocks – 1128 Tracking Errors with JD Trask

So how do you track errors in production? JD Trask talks to Carl and Richard about Raygun, a service for instrumenting your clients and servers in production and feed errors directly to your project tracking and bug reporting systems. The conversation digs into how to deal with errors in your application in a way that actually delights your users – … Read More

Managing errors across platforms with Raygun

As Scott Hanselman was in New Zealand, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to talk about Raygun on his popular show Hanselminutes. Scott is a long time user of Raygun for his two side startups and he caught up with our CEO John-Daniel Trask to see how does one build and maintain a service like Raygun.