Nancy.Raygun - the Raygun provider for the Nancy web framework

Nancy, the lightweight framework for .NET, is a great way to develop HTTP-based services on top of .NET or Mono. Raygun can be fully integrated into your Nancy application with the Nancy.Raygun provider!


This provider is based on raygun4net, and similarly supports Nancy applications as raygun4net supports ASP.NET apps. The key difference is that it uses NancyContext instead of HttpContext.Current, which exposes much of the Nancy environment data, allowing it to be sent to Raygun.

By simply including the project in your application, the error handling is automatically wired up for you! This is achieved by including an implementation of IApplicationStartup.


Nancy.Raygun comes as a NuGet package:

PM> Install-Package Nancy.Raygun


In web.config, you simply need to add one new configuration section, and then a RaygunSettings tag to hold your application's API key. This key is available from your Raygun dashboard, after you create a new application in it.

Complete step-by-step instructions are available once you've created a new app in Raygun - just click on the Nancy logo. You can also view the instructions at the GitHub repository below.

More information

The source and documentation for Nancy.Raygun is available from this Github repository here. It is created and maintained by Phillip Haydon.