How Error Monitoring Drives Innovation

How Error Monitoring Drives Innovation

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Naturally, the pressure of keeping up with software releases is also on the rise, as is competition between not only applications, but also software that provides the same functionality. This hurried pace and competition means development teams must innovate quickly. However, while innovation is an easy goal to set, execution can be at odds with rapid software releases, quality and maintenance. The key to focusing development teams on both innovation and quality rapid release is to optimize and synthesize the methods and processes for catching, preventing and addressing errors.

“Error monitoring is a tooling approach that allows companies to spot issues prior to release without additional effort, and to more quickly address issues that do make it to production.” The result is software teams that are more proactive and less reactive.

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Raygun is an awesome tool to track and resolve errors as they occur in real time

Karen Paul - Risk Officer at SynapsePay

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