My settings

The my settings page is where you can find and change your profile information, time settings and default view when you login.

tip: A link to 'My settings' is located in the top-right hand corner of each page by clicking on your name.

The 'Profile settings' module allows you to change your email address, first name, last name and phone number.

Your profile settings module screenshot

To update any of these values, simply update the corresponding value in the input field to the new value and click the 'Save Changes' button.

Dates and times in Raygun can be formatted to a time zone you specify. You can also choose for them to either display in a 24 or 12 hour format.

Time settings module screenshot

To update your time settings, simply select the time zone and format you would like to see and click the 'Save Changes' button.

You can configure the default Application or Dashboard you are taken to when you first log in.

Default view after login module screenshot

To select the default Application or Dashboard:

  1. Use the 'Show Plan' menu to choose which plan you would like to navigate to. Note, this step only applies when you have multiple plans.
  2. Choose one of the redirect options by clicking the circle beside your chosen option.
  3. Persist your settings by clicking the 'Save Changes' button.