Pulse Insights - Settings

Jump to a specific settings item from the list below:

Pulse Insight settings location

To get to the Pulse Insight settings, click on 'Settings' under the Pulse header in the sidebar:


Enabled rules

You can enable or ignore Pulse Insight rules by using the toggle on the right of each rule:

If you want to know more about a rule, hover on the tooltip for to know what the rule checks.

Missing pages

Pages that Pulse Insights were unable to scan are shown in the 'Missing Pages' table:

You can clear the list so Pulse Insights will try to scan these pages on the next scan.

Domain issues

Pulse Insights only looks at pages that have been scanned by Pulse and your results will be more accurate and easier to follow if you have wildcarding set up. The main issues are duplicate pages being created by default for the same view (due to the REST routes and other schemes) and multiple domains. 

Documentation on setting up the wildcarding for grouping URLs and for subdomains can be found in the Pulse documentation.

Documentation missing?

If we don't have documentation about your desired topic, send us a message and we'll create it for you.