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Real User Monitoring Insights

The rules are the cornerstone of Real User Monitoring Insights. Your site’s pages and resources are scored according to how many industry-standard site performance rules they pass. Use the rules to uncover areas where your site’s performance can be improved.

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Metrics provide you with a quick snapshot of how your site measures up to the Real User Monitoring Insight rules:


Rules passed is the percentage of rules passed in this scan and the percentage change since the last scan.

Rules failed is the percentage of rules passed in this scan and the percentage change since the last scan.

Difficulty distribution is the difficulty score distribution of all the failed site-wide and page-specific rules from the current scan.

Status distribution is the status score distribution of all the rules from the current scan.


You can view the passing and failing rule trends over the last 28 days. Click on the dropdown in the upper-right corner to view the issue trends over the last 28 days.

Rules table


The list of rules are grouped into failed, passed or ignored. A rule can belong to one or more groups depending the status of a page.

For example, your homepage may pass the ‘Avoid Flash’ rule, but your contact page may fail the rule. In this scenario, ‘Avoid Flash’ would be in the failed and passed group.

To view all the failed, passed and ignored issues, just click on a rule.



Read information on the rule, how it’s triggered and recommended actions you can take to make the rule pass for the next scan.

The difficulty of resolving a rule is displayed in the top-right corner.

View the URLs of the resources that have caused the rule to fail:

Tab through the table to view resource URLs that have passed the rule and URLs you have ignored.

To change the status of the URLs to failed, passed or ignored,  click the checkbox on the left of the URL link.

If you mark a causing resource URL as ‘Passed’ and it fails on the next scan, the URL will display on the ‘Failed’ tab.

Do you want to dig a little deeper? Click on a resource URL to view an issue. An issue displays all the pages that that a resource URL is seen on.



An issue comprises a resource, rule and the pages where the resource causes the rule failures. The resource can be an HTML document or asset.

When you click on an issue, you can view more information on the failing rule as well as an overview of the issue:

Difficulty describes the difficulty of resolving a rule. The difficulty scores are represented by wrenches - one for easy, two for moderate and three for difficult.

Seen is the number of times the failed rule is seen across your site.

First seen is the date of the scan the first found this issue.

Last seen is the date of the scan where this issue was last seen.


You can also view the list of pages where the rule has failed:

Want to dig deeper? Click on a page to see how many rules on a page fail or pass.

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