Real User Monitoring Insights


A JavaScript, CSS or image file.


Describes the difficulty of resolving a rule. The difficulty scores are represented by wrenches - one for easy, two for moderate and three for difficult.


The name given to a rule and all the issues that fail, pass and are ignored under that specific rule.


A page on your site that has been scanned by Real User Monitoring - Insights


The number of times an issue group has been


Real User Monitoring Insights runs a weekly scan over all your pages once a week. The check looks at a set of rules to measure your site against. Your site is scored depending on the number of rules passed.

The scan time depends on how many pages and assets a site has. The time can vary from a few minutes to an hour.

See Rules.


Real User Monitoring Insights checks your site’s pages and assets depending on the rule being checked.

  • Page: This is a page of your site, for example:  https://mysite/about

  • Asset: This is a JavaScript, CSS or image file, for example: https://mysite/scripts/respond.js

See Scope.


The rules were developed by checking industry best-practices. The rules have a set of standards that your site is measured against. If your site fails on a rule, you will be shown the exact page or asset that caused the rule to fail and the steps you can take for the rule to pass.

The rules highlight areas where your site can improve. A failing rule does not equal software crashes - Crash Reporting will help you detect and diagnose these. The rules, instead, look at issues that are known to slow down a site. A scan shows you areas of your site that may contribute to slow load times that affect the performance of your site.

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  • Failed: This status means a rule has failed the Real User Monitoring Insights check.

  • Passed: This status means a rule that previously failed the Real User Monitoring Insights check is now passing or has been marked as ‘Passed’ by you. If you mark a failing rule as ‘Passed’ and the issue is not resolved, then the rule will be returned to the ‘Failed’ status on the next scan.

  • Ignored: You can  change the status of a rule as ‘Ignored’ if you do not want Real User Monitoring Insights to scan and score your site using a particular rule. Any new instances of a failing page or asset based on an ignored rule will be ignored and you will not be notified. This status is equivalent to the Crash Reporting error group status ‘Permanently ignored’.


The resource type a rule is checking.

See Resource.


The number of times a page has been viewed by site visitors.

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