Cool recent additions to Raygun

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With Raygun we practice ‘release early, release often’, meaning that we’re often shipping new features several times a day. Some are behind the scenes, some are visible to end users. Here’s a run down of some of the improvements we’ve shipped in the last week.

Big performance boost for end users

One of our highest data users contacted us about a performance problem they were experiencing. We had optimized well for dealing with a lot of errors, but not particularly well for a high number of unique error types (the groups you see on the dashboard). For this particular user, there were many tens of thousands of unique groups. Unfortunately this resulted in extremely long load times or, in the worst case, a timeout completely.

We identified several points that could be improved and have lowered the time to load from timing out, to 3 seconds. We’re still looking at ways to improve that further.

While the impact of this improvement will be most felt by higher usage customers, even smaller users should experience some more snappiness with their dashboards.

‘Load More’ now loads more

A small usability improvements for the application dashboard: When clicking ‘Load More’ we now load 20 additional items, not 10. It helps when wanting to jump down that list quickly.

Download invoices

Paying users can now download PDF invoices for tax and accounting reasons from their accounts. You can get all invoices – past and present.

You can download them from your user account.

Improved JavaScript error provider

We released several improvements to the JavaScript error provider this week. Support for larger error messages and automatic error reporting for Ajax errors when working with jQuery. You can read more about these improvements in a blog post dedicated to this release.

Friendlier password policy

We received a lot of feedback that our password policy was a bit on the strict side. We’ve made it a little more friendly.

That’s the public facing improvements of the last few days, we hope you like them!